S1 Ep24 Mike Honore, Josh Provo and Will Merrill

Comedians Mike Honore, Josh Provo and Will Merrill square off on this episode.

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S1 Ep22 Robert, Herman and Garret

There Can Be Only One hosts, Robert Rau and Herman ‘Omega Prime’ Davis, along with Garret of Real Rock Club put their brains to the test in another all-out trivia war.

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S1 Ep21 Michael, Travis, and Garrett

On this episode, it’s Michael Moss of Leather Apron Theatre Co., Travis Slayton of Christworm and Garrett Saia of Real Rock Club have a go for the bar tab.

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S1 Ep20 Gary, Robert and Terence

It’s a contest of champions as The Wizard of It’s Trivial: Gary, Robert Rau of There Can Be Only One and No Show Comedy’s Terence Delaine go at it in an all-or-nothing game of It’s Trivial.

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